A Conversation on the Sex Ed Culture Wars

A Never Ending Story

Tom Klaus

Historical Analysis of college sexual health education and the role of student affairs divisions

Amber Manning-Ouellette

A history of sex ed in the u.S.

Beth D. Williams-Breault, Ed.D, CSE

Barriers and facilitators to standardizing peer sexuality education in higher education

Jessamyn Bowling & Lorenzo Hopper

Black and sexy book discussion

Dr. Tracie Q. Gilbert

Cliteracy in Practice

Show and tell sex positive tactile educational models

Associate Professor Suzanne Belton 

Community organizing for body-positive sex ed in public schools

Mira Weil and Aneliese Apala Flaherty

Creating a visual sexual narrative with biograffs

Jennifer Beman

dealing with disclosure 

Hazel Katherine Larkin

Exploring ways to teach about abortion

Jean Levitan

Fidelity and Adaptation

Supporting teachers in implementation

Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner, PhD, MST, MPH & Booker Marshall, MPH

Getting published in the American Journal of Sexuality education

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Getting into the best mental and emotional place to make the healthiest choices regarding sex

Ray Mathis

How can schools address pornography’s influence?

Maree Crabbe

The intersection of reproductive justice & Sex ed

Fatima Heyward

Let’s make a lesson plan

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE & Dr. Tanya Bass

Making nice with naughty

overcontrolled coping style and the search for pleasure

Dr. Tom Murray

Multicultural perspectives on sex education

Helena Salgado

nonbinary identities

understanding A complex identity

Dr. Rebecca Blanton

On being gay and gray

our stories, gifts, and the meaning of our lives

Brian McNaught

One size does not fit all

adapting sex ed for people with iDD

Sarah Dahlston, MS, CHES®

Overcoming LGBTQ+ Exclusion in alcohol facilitated campus sexual assault prevention education

Taylan Stulting & Dr. LB Klein

Parents as primary sexuality educators

supporting parents of adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L & Linda Sandman, MSW, LCSW

Reaching for the stars

k-12 comprehensive sexuality education

Dr. Karen Rayne

Reclaiming the sexuality of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski

Responsiveness of sex education to the needs of LGBTQ+ undergraduate students

Brittnie Bloom, PhD

Rethinking the mood

mismatched libido in modern relationships

Cyndi Darnell

Reproductive and sexual coercion as Intimate Partner violence

Ceara Corry

Sex and consent in contemporary youth sexual culture

the ideals and the realities

Emily Setty

Sex ed & rock ‘n’ roll

Dr. Catherine Dukes

Sex education through a neurodiversity lens

Understanding, Accommodations, & Application

Dr. Matt Zakreski

Sex Ed

Write on!

Alice Holland PhD, NP-C, CSE & Keith Lindenburg, Communication Executive

Sex toys

Putting the BOOM back in Boomers

Dr. Brenda Dressler

Sexual health is public health

the deconstruction of sex-negative public health practices

Alicia Andrews

Something positive for positive people

minimizing sTI stigma with intentionally inclusive education

Courtney W. Brame

STI Health disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Why they exist and how to Address them

Sadia Arshad, MPH, MSN, WHNP-BC

To whom do we disclose?

Disclosure of bisexual orientation to family & friends

Alicia Ricketts, MEd, PhD, CSE

Turkish teachers’ responses to problem scenarios about sexuality education

Ozlem Erden-Basaran

The use of creative writing as an identity marker in sex education

Mystkue Woods, MEd

When college students teach college students

evaluation of a peer-led comprehensive sexual health program

Chris N. King

Who wants to date godzilla?

Deepening learner engagement with educational role-Play

Jon Lutz

Working with Asian-born clients and students

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“Your generation doesn’t choke each other?”

it’s more common than you think. are educators prepared to address it?

Marshall Miller & Dorian Solot