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1:1 Sex Ed as the foundation of sex coaching

Dr. Patti Britton

The ABCs of Sexuality Education & Autism

Stephanie Mitelman, MA

Accessible Sex Education

Allie Kriofske Mainella, PhD

A Conversation on the Sex Ed Culture Wars

A Never ending Story?

Tom Klaus

A Historical Analysis of College Sexual Health Education and the Role of Student Affairs Divisions

Amber Manning-Ouellette

A History of Sex Ed in the United States

Beth D. Williams-Breault, Ed.D, CSE

Amp! Out NCCU

A Theater-based sexual health course at a historically black university 

Dr. Tanya Bass

Applying a Theory of Memorable Messages to Design Familial Sexual Health Messages for LGBTQ Women

Dr. Valerie Rubinsky & Dr. Angela Cooke-Jackson

Barriers and Facilitators to standardizing peer sexuality education in higher education

Jessamyn Bowling & Lorenzo Hopper

Barriers to Sex Education
A Disability Perspective

Amy Shapley & Anna Cathryn Olle

BDSM 101

What Sexuality Educators Should Know

Wayne Pawlowski, MSW, LICSW

Benefits of professional development for sexuality professional

An educator’s perspective

Tanya M. Bass, MS, MEd, CHES®, CSE

Beyond the Binary

Learning to Teach Gender Inclusive Sex Education

Angel Russell, CSE

Black and Sexy Book Discussion

Dr. Tracie Q. Gilbert

Black Women’s Sexuality

Six Practical Steps for Designing a Resilience-Based Curriculum

Ashley Townes, PhD, MPH, Regina Davis Moss, PhD, MPH, MCHES®, & Davondra Brown, MEd, MCHES®

Boldly Go!

Sex Ed in the Star Trek Universe

Susan Wright & Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Building Capacity for Sexual Consent

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Celebrating World Sexual Health Day

Including Pleasure in Sex Ed Without Scaring Anyone

Luis Perelman

Cliteracy in practice

Show and Tell Sex Positive Tactile Educational Models

Associate Professor Suzanne Belton

Community Organizing for Body-Positive Sex Ed in Public Schools

Mira Weil and Aneliese Apala Flaherty

Consensual Nonmonogamy

What Sexuality Educators Need to Know

Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CSE

Creating Cultures of Consent

What Parents and Educators Need to Know

Dr. Laura McGuire

Creating a visual sexual Narrative with biograffs

Jennifer Beman

Dealing with Disclosure

Hazel Katherine Larkin

Demystifying Surrogate Partner Therapy

Andrew Heartman

Developmental Disabilities and sexuality

Katherine McLaughlin

Diabetes in the Bedroom

Janis Roszler, PhD, LMFT, CDCES 

Enriching Social-Emotional Relationships through Psychosexual Education

Suzanne Richard, PhD

Exploring ways to teach about abortion

Jean Levitan

Fidelity and Adaptation

Supporting Teachers in Implementation

Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner, PhD, MST, MPH & Booker Marshall, MPH

Fostering Second Chances for Adolescent Mothers

An Innovative Model

Zoe Simpson

Getting Published in the american journal of sexuality education

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Generation WHY

Exploring Millennial Perceptions of sexual health and the need for better sex ed

Sara Hanafi

Going Around in CIRCLES®

Social Boundaries, Down Syndrome, & Sexuality Education

Dr. Brooke Faught and Leslie Walker-Hirsch, IMEd, FAAID

Getting into the Best Mental and Emotional Place to Make the Healthiest Choices Regarding Sex

Ray Mathis

Guilt, Pain, and the Absence of Pleasure

The Sexual Socialization of Black Female Adolescents

Dr. Shemeka Thorpe

Helping Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers Talk about Sex

Remi Newman, MA

How Can Schools Address Pornography’s Influence?

Maree Crabbe

How to Make your Business Stand out from the crowd

Renée Moore

How Prevalent is Men’s porn use?

and why sexuality educators need to know

Dan Miller, PhD

I ❤️ Orgasms

a Guide to More

Marshall Miller, Dorian Solot, & Maybe Burke

The Intersection of reproductive justice & sex ed

Fatima Heyward

Leading conversations about sexuality education

Dr. James Wadley

Let’s Make a Lesson Plan

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE & Dr. Tanya Bass

Let’s Talk about sex and aging

Joan Price

Love Education

What’s sex Got to Do with it?

Robert Selverstone, PhD

Make my Job Obsolete!

sex therapy concepts to prevent sexual problems through Education

Dr. Catherine Dukes

Making nice with naughty

overcontrolled coping style and the search for pleasure

Dr. Tom Murray

Making Sexual Health Education Accessible to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Elizabeth K. Schmidt, PhD, OTR/L

Microskills Videos

A powerful Technology for Sexuality Educator Training

Regina Firpo-Triplett, MPH, CNC, MCHES® & Lane Edwards, MPH

Multicultural Perspectives On Sex Education

Helena Salgado

Nonbinary Identity

Beyond the Basics

Dr. Rebecca Blanton

Nonbinary Identities

Understanding a Complex Identity

Dr. Rebecca Blanton

On being gay and gray

Our stories, gifts, and the meaning of our lives

Brian McNaught

One size does not fit all

adapting sex ed for people with iDD

Sarah Dahlston, MS, CHES®

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Everything Sexuality Educators Need to Know

Douglas Braun-Harvey, MA, MFT

Overcoming LGBTQ+ Exclusion in Alcohol Facilitated Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Education

Taylan Stulting & Dr. LB Klein

Parents as Primary Sexuality Educators
Supporting Parents of Adolescents and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L & Linda Sandman, MSW, LCSW

the Personal is Pedagogical

How Teacher Identities Inform Students’ Experiences of Sex Education

Helen Dring-Turner, PhD

pleasure is NOT a dirty word

Laura H. Pace, MS, LMT

puberty education

building the foundation for healthy sexual development

Wendy Sellers, RN, MA, CSE

Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Grassroot Project

A Sport-Based Sexual health Program for Urban Middle School Students

Tyler Spencer

Reaching for the Stars

K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Dr. Karen Rayne

Ready, set, facilitate!

zoom Skills for Sexuality Educators

Sameera Qureshi, MS, OTR

Recruiting Youth for Research

The Internet Can Help…To Some extent

Genevieve Martínez-García, PhD

Reclaiming the sexuality of Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski

Responsiveness of Sex Education to the Needs of LGBTQ+ Undergraduate Students

Brittnie Bloom, PhD

Rethinking the Mood

Mismatched Libido in Modern Relationships

Cyndi Darnell

Reproductive and Sexual Coercion as Intimate Partner Violence

Ceara Corry

The Science of Babies

Getting early Childhood Sexuality Education Right

Deborah Roffman, MS, CSE

SEA Change in sex education through community

Kim Cook, RN, CHES® and Amy Lang, MA

Separation of church and sex

exploring the role of faith in sexual health development

Brittany Broaddus-Smith, LSW, MEd

Sex and Consent in contemporary youth sexual culture

The ideals and the realities

Emily Setty

Sex Ed & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Dr. Catherine Dukes

Sex and sexuality in the muslim community

Lena Elkhatib, LMFT, CST

Sex Ed Jeopardy 

Goody Howard, MSW, MPH

Sex Ed Lessons from COVID-19

Lori A. Rolleri, MSW, MPH, Dr. Tanya Bass, & Bill Taverner, MA

Sex Education from a Neurodiversity lens 

Understanding, Accommodations, & Application

Dr. Matt Zakreski

Sex Ed

Write on!

Alice Holland PhD, NP-C, CSE & Keith Lindenburg, Communication Executive

The Sex Lives of College Students

Three Decades of attitudes and behaviors

Dr. Sandra L. Caron

Sex Points

Finally, An Easy Roadmap to a Biopsychosocial Model of Female Sexuality

Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD

Sex-Positive Teachable Moments in Hip Hop

“From the 9-9 to 2000s”

Alisha Andrews, MEd and Lolita Smith-Moore, MA


Investigating the sexual development and sexual attitudes of african american women

Dr. Chanel Jaali Marshall

Sex Toys

Putting the BOOM back in Boomers

Dr. Brenda Dressler

Sexual citizenship

tips to help sexuality educators create sexually healthy communities

Ellen Friedrichs, MA

Sexual Health is Public Health

The Deconstruction of Sex-Negative public health practices

Alicia Andrews

Sexuality Education & lGBTQ Bullying in Conservative Districts

Steven Hobaica & Shari Reiter

Sexuality Education in the u.s,

Amy Bordogna & Amanda Coyle

Sexuality Education Training for Parents of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Deborah L. Rooks-Ellis, PhD & Nicole Achey, PhD, CRC

Sexuality, Menopause, and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Gretchen Frey, MD, FACOG

Something Positive for Positive People
Minimizing STI Stigma with Intentionally Inclusive Education

Courtney W. Brame

So What is “appropriate”?

exploring Sex/Ual/Ity Education services for and with people with developmental disabilities

Richelle Frabotta, MSEd, CSE, CSES

STI Health Disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Why they exist and how to address them

Sadia Arshad, MPH, MSN, WHNP-BC

talking about sex, dating, and faith

Charis Davidson, DrPH

talking Vulva

what every sex educator should know

Dorrie Lane

teaching Hip Hop as a sexual risk reduction tool

Kevin Walston

teaching People How to talk about sex even if they’re scared

Renée Yvonne Moore

That’s Taboo!

Using a Sex-Positive Multicultural Digital Storytelling Model in Sex Education

Elisha Oliver, PhD

Thirty Years of Evidence

Sex Education Does More than Prevent Teen Pregnancy and STIs

Dr. Lisa Lieberman and Dr. Eva S. Goldfarb

To whom do we disclose?

Disclosure of Bisexual Orientation to family & Friends

Alicia Ricketts, MEd, PhD, CSE

toys, accessories, and beyond!

expanding the universe of sex ed

Goody Howard, MSW, MPH

The triangle of sexual health, sexual rights, and sexual pleasure

Antón Castellanos Usigli, MPH

Turkish Teachers’ Responses to problem scenarios about Sexuality education

Ozlem Erden-Basaran

Understanding the Role of Culture, Identity, and Sexual Wellbeing in University Students in the UK

Rusi Jaspal, PhD

The Use of Creative Writing as an Identity Marker in Sex Education

Mystkue Woods, MEd

Virtual Theater-Based Sexual Health Intervention

Chiao-Wen Lan, PhD

Wait, emerging adults have motivations against sex?

Kayley McMahon, MS and Dr. Spencer Olmstead

What COVID has taught us about sex ed

Karen Rayne, PhD

Wheel of Context for Sexuality education

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh

When College Students Teach College Students

Evaluation of a peer-Led Comprehensive Sexual Health Program

Chris N. King

Who wants to date godzilla

Deepening Learner engagement with Educational Role-play

Jon Lutz

Working with Asian-born clients and Students

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

You gotta eat the booty like groceries

examining the taboos surrounding sexuality and pleasure in the black community and how sexuality education over the lifespan can improve it!

Christina Wright, MPH

“your generation doesn’t choke each other?”

It’s more common than you think. Are educators prepared to address it?

Marshall Miller & Dorian Solot

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Celebrating the 2020 AASECT Award Recipients 

Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD

COVID-19 and Sexual Health 

Jennifer Rogers & Susan Gilberts

Hegemonic Masculinity During Parent-Child Sex Communication with Sexual Minority Male Adolescents 

Dr. Dalmacio Flores & Dr. Sarah Abboud

Meet the Sex ed lecture series 

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Monkeypox 101: Everything Sexual Health Practitioners Should Know

Dr. Jason Zucker

Perceived Sex Education and Its Association with Consent Attitudes, Intentions, and Communication 

Kaylee P. Richmond & Zöe Peterson

Remembering our colleagues in sex ed 

Tanya Bass, Jean Levitan, Bill Taverner, & Susie Wilson

Sex Ed is in session 

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski

Social Justice in Sexuality Education 

Dalychia Saah & Susan Stiritz

What Did It Take to Scale Up and Sustain Udaan, a School-Based Adolescent Education Program in Jharkhand, India? 

Dr. Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

Why those from Faith Backgrounds – Such as Muslim Communities – Benefit from and Need Comprehensive, Values-Based Sex Education 

Sameera Qureshi, MS