7 Simple Steps to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Empowering Parents and educators

Kimberly King

The ABCs of Sexuality Education & Autism

Stephanie Mitelman, MA

Accessible Sex Education

Allie Kriofske Mainella, PhD

A history of Sex education in the united states

Dr. Beth D. Williams-Breault


What’s new, what’s the same, and how to help people decide what’s best for them

Evelyn Resh

Dealing With Disclosure

Hazel Katherine Larkin

Developmental Disabilities and sexuality

Katherine McLaughlin

Diabetes in the Bedroom

Janis Roszler, PhD, LMFT, CDCES 

Enriching Social-Emotional Relationships through Psychosexual Education

Suzanne Richard, PhD

Exploring Ways to Teach about Abortion

Jean Levitan

Focus on Abortion

americans share their stories

Roslyn Banish & Mary Martha Wilson

Getting into the Best Mental and Emotional Place to Make the Healthiest Choices Regarding Sex

Ray Mathis

Going Around in CIRCLES®

Social Boundaries, Down Syndrome, & Sexuality Education

Dr. Brooke Faught and Leslie Walker-Hirsch, IMEd, FAAID

Helping Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers Talk about Sex

Remi Newman, MA

Hypertension and Sexual Dysfunction in African Americans

Catasha Gordon

Including older adults’ sexuality in sex ed is beneficial for our society as a whole

Nathalie Huitema

Introducing a new documentary on veterans and intimacy

Love after war: saving love, saving lives

Mitchell Tepper

It’s Never Too Late! Are we forgetting our Seniors?

Are we forgetting our seniors?

Shannon Dowler

Making Sexual Health Education Accessible to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Elizabeth K. Schmidt, PhD, OTR/L

The Man and the Moon

Experiences of Menstruation Across Identities

Kelsey Wyman

Meeting Young People Where They Are

Remote support for sexual Health

Elise Schuster

Neurobiology of Trauma: Applications for Sex Education

Nishita Raghu Rao

One Size Does Not Fit All

Adapting Sex Ed for People with Intellectual and developmental Disabilities

Sarah Dahlston

pleasure Beyond pain

Maintaining sex and intimacy with a chronic illness

Breanna Lewis

pleasure is NOT a dirty word

Laura H. Pace, MS, LMT

Reclaiming the sexuality of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski

Reproductive and Sexual Coercion as Intimate Partner Violence

Ceara Corry

The Rise of Rough Sex

What parents and educators need to know about how sex has changed

Debby Herbenick

Sex education for college students

What is being taught and where?

Aya Shigeto & Lawrence M. Scheier

Slang, Sex, and Safety

Exploring Post-Secondary Campus Culture

Treena Orchard

Sexuality Education & lGBTQ Bullying in Conservative Districts

Steven Hobaica & Shari Reiter

Sexuality Education Training for Parents of Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Deborah L. Rooks-Ellis, PhD & Nicole Achey, PhD, CRC

Sexuality, Menopause, and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Gretchen Frey, MD, FACOG

Sexual Health Is Public Health:
The Deconstruction of Sex-Negative Public Health Practices

Alicia Andrews

Sexy spoonies and crip sex

Intersections of sexuality and disability

Shanna Katz Kattari

So What is “appropriate”?

exploring Sex/Ual/Ity Education services for and with people with developmental disabilities

Richelle Frabotta, MSEd, CSE, CSES

STI Health Disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Why they Exist and How to Address them

Sadia Arshad

Transgender Veterans: Is This the Real Life?

Belinda J. Chaffins

Understanding the healthcare needs of kink/BDSM practitioners

Conor Smith & Kaela Joseph