1:1 Sex Ed as the Foundation of Sex Coaching

Dr. Patti Britton

Celebrating World Sexual Health Day

Including Pleasure in Sex Ed Without Scaring Anyone

Luis Perelman

Guilt, Pain, and the Absence of Pleasure

The Sexual Socialization of Black Female Adolescents

Shemeka Thorpe, PhD

I ❤️ Orgasms

A Guide to More

Marshall Miller, Dorian Solot, & Maybe Burke

pleasure Beyond pain

Maintaining sex and intimacy with a chronic illness

Breanna Lewis

pleasure is NOT a dirty word

Laura H. Pace, MS, LMT

Rather than Ruin the Fun 

Elaborating on Faking Orgasms as Goal-Oriented Deceptive Communication

Valerie Rubinsky & Anna Ambrus

Say You’re Nervous

talking about Performance anxiety with partners

David Khalili, LMFT

Sex Points

Finally, An Easy Roadmap to a Biopsychosocial Model of Female Sexuality

Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD

Sex Toys

Putting the BOOM back in boomers

Dr. Brenda Dressler

The triangle of sexual health, sexual rights, and sexual pleasure

Antón Castellanos Usigli, MPH

toys, accessories, and beyond!

expanding the universe of sex ed

Goody Howard, MSW, MPH