A Theater Based Sexual Health Course at a Historically Black University

Dr. Tanya Bass

an introduction to sexuality competence for mental health professionals

Dena Abbott, PhD

Asexuality 101

Pragati Singh

BDSM 101

What Sexuality Educators Should Know

Wayne Pawlowski, MSW, LICSW

Consensual Nonmonogamy

What Sexuality Educators Need to Know

Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CSE

Nonbinary Identity

Beyond the Basics

Rebecca Blanton

Positive Sexuality for Neurodiverse Adults…and Others!

Michael John Carley

Sex Ed & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Dr. Catherine Dukes

Sex Toys

Putting the BOOM back in boomers

Dr. Brenda Dressler

That’s Taboo!

Using a Sex-Positive Multicultural Digital Storytelling Model in Sex Education

Elisha Oliver, PhD

To Whom Do we disclose? 

Disclosure of Bisexual Orientation to Friends and Family

Alicia Ricketts, MEd, PhD, CSE

The Use of Creative Writing as an Identity Marker in Sex Education 

Mystkue Woods, MEd

Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments

Dr. Lucie Fielding

“Your Generation Doesn’t Choke Each Other?” 

It’s more common than you think. Are educators prepared to address it?

Marshall Miller & Dorian Solot