An introduction to sexuality competence for mental health professionals

Dena Abbott, PhD

Addressing LGBT+ Issues in CSE for LVIs: Guidance from Disability Professionals 

Lindokuhle Ubisi

Applying a Theory of Memorable Messages to Design Familial Sexual Health Messages for LGBTQ Women

Dr. Valerie Rubinsky & Dr. Angela Cooke-Jackson

Barriers and Facilitators to Standardizing Peer Sexuality Education in Higher Education

Jessamyn Bowling & Lorenzo Hopper

Beyond the Binary

Learning to Teach Gender Inclusive Sex Education

Angel Russell, CSE

Boldly Go!

Sex Ed in the Star Trek Universe

Susan Wright & Bill Taverner, MA, CSE

Nonbinary Identities

Understanding a Complex Idea

Rebecca Blanton

On being gay and Gray

our stories, gifts, and meaning of our lives

Brian McNaught

Overcoming LGBTQ+ Exclusion in Alcohol Facilitated Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Education

Taylan Stulting & Dr. LB Klein

Responsiveness of Sex education to the Needs of lGBTQ+ Undergraduate Students

Brittnie Bloom, PhD

Sexuality Education & lGBTQ Bullying in Conservative Districts

Steven Hobaica & Shari Reiter

STI Health Disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Why they Exist and How to Address them

Sadia Arshad

Supporting Healthy Sexuality

for LGBTQ+ People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Pauline Bosma & Oscar E. Hughes, MEd

To Whom Do we disclose? 

Disclosure of Bisexual Orientation to Friends and Family

Alicia Ricketts, MEd, PhD, CSE

Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments

Dr. Lucie Fielding