The 5 Kinds of Intimacy:

A New paradigm for successful relationships

Beth Darling

A Conversation on the sex ed culture wars

A Never Ending Story

Tom Klaus

A History of Sex education in the United states

Dr. Beth D. Williams-Breault


A Theater Based Sexual Health Course at a Historically Black University

Dr. Tanya Bass

an introduction to sexuality competence for mental health professionals

Dena Abbott, PhD

Applying a Theory of Memorable Messages to Design Familial Sexual Health Messages for LGBTQ Women

Dr. Valerie Rubinsky & Dr. Angela Cooke-Jackson

BDSM 101

What Sexuality Educators Should Know

Wayne Pawlowski, MSW, LICSW

Beyond the Binary

Learning to Teach Gender Inclusive Sex Education

Angel Russell, CSE

Black & Sexy Book Discussion

Tracie Q. Gilbert

Black Women’s Sexuality

Six Practical Steps for Designing a Resilience-Based Curriculum

Ashley Townes, PhD, MPH, Regina Davis Moss, PhD, MPH, MCHES®, & Davondra Brown, MEd, MCHES®


Designing a skills based family Communication Workshop

Lauren Barineau, MPH, CHES®

Cherish Lives? Sexuality education textbooks produced in contemporary China

Yaya Ji & Michael J. Reiss


The Adventures of pink

Nishita Rao

Community Organizing for body-positive sex ed in Public schools

Mira Weil & Aneliese Apala Flaherty

Consensual Nonmonogamy

What Sexuality Educators Need to Know

Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CSE

Cultivating Sex-Positive Parents

Steph Auteri

Elaborating on ‘The Talk’ in ‘Sex Talks’

Jacqueline Gunning & Emily Gerlikovski

Engaging Youth as Co-creators of a culture of Consent

Chelsea Hackett & Ellory Boyd

Exploring Ways to Teach about Abortion

Jean Levitan

Fostering Second Chances for Adolescent Mothers

An Innovative Mode

Zoe Simpson

From stonewall to unicorns, Queer culture and communities

Phil McCabe

Generation WHY

Exploring Millennial Perceptions of sexual health and the need for better sex ed

Sara Hanafi

Getting into the best mental and emotional place to make the healthiest choices regarding sex 

Ray Mathis

Implementing Anti-Racist Strategies in the Evidence-Based Sexuality Education Classroom

Leslie Massicotte

Including older adults’ sexuality in sex ed is beneficial for our society as a whole.

Nathalie Huitema

Insight from youth coresearchers

Early Childbearing in a northern plains reservation community

Malory Peterson, MS & Kristina Mikkelsen

The Intersection of Reproductive Justice and Sex Ed

Fatima Heyward

Multicultural Perspectives on Sex Education

Helena Salgado 

Neurobiology of Trauma: Applications for Sex Education

Nishita Raghu Rao

On Being Gay and Gray

Our stories, Gifts, and Meaning of our lives

Brian McNaught

Passion Is Possible…Yet Intimacy Is Key

Dr. Lynn Paige

parents as primary sexuality educators

Supporting parents of adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L & Linda Sandman, MSW, LCSW

Parents, Caregivers, and Sexuality

Communicating with Middle School-aged Children about Sex.

Dr. Brandy Holloman

Pompomed Vulvas and Glittered Penises

Exploring Gender through play

Ana Carolina Antunes

Reclaiming the sexuality of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski

Rethinking The Mood: Mismatched Libido in Modern Relationships

Mismatched Libido in Modern Relationships

Cyndi Darnell

Separation of Church and Sex

Exploring the Role of Faith in Sexual Health Development

Brittany Broaddus-Smith, LSW, MEd

Sex and sexuality in the muslim community

Lena Elkhatib, LMFT, CST

Sex Ed & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Dr. Catherine Dukes

Sex Education Through a Neurodiversity Lens: Understanding, Accommodations, and Application

Dr. Matt Zakreski

Sex-Positive Teachable Moments in Hip Hop

“From the 9-9 to 2000s”

Alisha Andrews, MEd and Lolita Smith-Moore, MA

Sex-Positive Theology

Why religion needs to recognize body autonomy is a fundamental human right

Rev. Jesse Eugene Herriott


Investigating the sexual development and sexual attitudes of african american women

Dr. Chanel Jaali Marshall

Sexual citizenship

tips to help sexuality educators create sexually healthy communities

Ellen Friedrichs, MA

Sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia

Evert Ketting, PhD

Sexy spoonies and crip sex

Intersections of sexuality and disability

Shanna Katz Kattari

STI Health Disparities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Why they Exist and How to Address them

Sadia Arshad

talking about sex, dating, and faith

Charis Davidson, DrPH

Talking about Sex Education with Parents and Teachers in Pakistan

Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad Faize

teaching Hip Hop as a sexual risk reduction tool

Kevin Walston

Teaching Youth about Relationships

Chuck Rhoades, PhD

That’s Taboo!

Using a Sex-Positive Multicultural Digital Storytelling Model in Sex Education

Elisha Oliver, PhD

Then and Now

A Sex ed story 30 years apart

Kelley Dennings, Sydney Cole, Lisa Schulze, & Malia Becker

To Whom Do we disclose? 

Disclosure of Bisexual Orientation to Friends and Family

Alicia Ricketts, MEd, PhD, CSE

Transgender Veterans: Is This the Real Life?

Belinda J. Chaffins

Turkish Teachers’ Responses to Problem Scenarios about Sexuality Education

Ozlem Erden-Basaran

Understanding the Role of Culture, Identity, and Sexual Wellbeing in University Students in the UK

Rusi Jaspal, PhD

Wait, emerging adults have motivations against sex?

Kayley McMahon, MS and Dr. Spencer Olmstead

When College Students Teach College Students

Evaluation of a Peer-Led Comprehensive Sexual Health Program

Chris N. King 

Why Fathers Matter in Sex Education

Jennifer M. Grossman

Working with Asian-born Clients and Students

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Young People’s Views on Pornography

Strengths-Based Considerations for Sex Education

Amy Peterson & Gillian Silver

You gotta eat the booty like groceries

examining the taboos surrounding sexuality and pleasure in the black community and how sexuality education over the lifespan can improve it!

Christina Wright, MPH